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12:41am 31/07/2014
Discard Before Using
Has it really been two years since I last posted here?

And does anyone even check lj anymore?

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The good, the bad, and the LIBRARY.  
07:27pm 12/09/2012
Discard Before Using
So Landmom's viewing and funeral were this past weekend. Read more...Collapse )

Now. On to the LIBRARY.

Oh, did I not mention? The new library ACROSS THE STREET from where I live just opened today. I planned it that way when I moved but still. Still. Even having counted down the days and hours it is glorious. It is GLORIOUS. Seriously. I can come home from work, change, go to the library, go home for dinner, go back to the library, borrow a movie, take it back home and watch it, and go back to the library. Librarians at three branches in two wards this city already know me by name. The librarians here are going to think I work here.


That will be all.
tags: books, life
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Hisashiburi, LJ yo  
12:21am 22/08/2012
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Oh man, it has been a long time since I've posted in this thing. Read more...Collapse )

That will be all.
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tags: life
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Eps 2.1 and 2.2  
01:17am 10/01/2012
Discard Before Using
metal_dog5, we discuss, yes?

That will be all.
tags: tv
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So there I was in the office at 1:59 pm...  
05:41pm 23/08/2011
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...and I'm like, Oh, hey, earthquake.Collapse )

Aside from slight to moderate damage to a bunch of federal buildings and some metro line in the suburbs, I think everything is okay. Here's hoping they don't discover we're on some heretofore unknown fault line.

That will be all.
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So remember how I sat the Test of Proficiency in Korean last April?  
03:27am 06/06/2011
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Wait, was I worried about potentially not passing it?

Because I shouldn't have been. :-D

That will be all.
tags: ftw, korean
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I cannot win.  
10:11pm 01/04/2011
Discard Before Using
I kicked off today by reading in the WaPo that Homeland Central has the highest per capita ratio of pedestrian and biker deaths of any major U.S. city. The article continued by saying that the majority of these deaths took place at intersections, because D.C.'s motherfucking batshit drivers have a tendency to speed through turns without checking to make sure that no one is in the crosswalk. This makes sense. I would need a Hindu deity number of hands to count on my fingers the amount of times some batshit motherfucker in an SUV has nearly plowed over me as I try to cross the street with the light. The article recommended that D.C.'s motherfucking batshit drivers not attempt to complete their turns until pedestrians have cleared the crosswalks. This struck me as an eminently reasonable suggestion.

I mention this because, having dropped off Landmom at the front door of the clinic where she was going for a check up today, I needed to make a left turn onto the side street where the facility's parking garage was located. The light turned green with no oncoming traffic in sight. I began turning, making sure to give the pedestrian in the crosswalk ample time to finish crossing and feeling quite content about my attention to safety--I am a defensive driver! I will not become another statistic in this city's vehicular homicide rate!--when a burst of police sirens startled both the pedestrian and me. He stopped in his tracks, allowing me to turn and get out of the way of the police vehicle roaring down the street...

...which followed me onto the side street and pulled me over. The officer got out of his car. I rolled down the window, frantically wondering if my break lights were out, if my turn signals were out, or if my tags were expired.

Turns out it was none of those things. The officer had pulled me over to reprimand me for yielding the right of way to the pedestrian in the crosswalk. "He had enough time to stop and let you through," I was told.

Again: Highest per capita ratio of pedestrian deaths in the nation.

That will be all.
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So I've been watching the NHK live feed all day...  
05:18am 12/03/2011
Discard Before Using
...and as of 12:18 am here it appears that #1 reactor at Fukushima I is possibly starting to melt down. They haven't been able to get enough water through the cooling system and the rods are starting to melt and produce something called cesimium, which is apparently a VERY BAD THING judging by the amount of shouting I can hear in the background at the newsroom.

ETA: A later bulletin stresses that the melting rod(s) has been contained and that there is no cause for alarm. Still....
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You know, when reports started popping up in the Japanese press last week...  
03:26am 11/03/2011
Discard Before Using
...about "unacceptable" and "racist" comments made to "university students" by a the Japan Bureau Chief that Okinawans were "masters of extortion (ゆすりの名人)," I said, "I bet that happened at the good ol' alma mater." Nailed it.Collapse )

That will be all.
music: 大雨の音
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More evidence that Lady Gaga is all show...  
07:12pm 07/03/2011
Discard Before Using
...and little substance.Collapse )

Come on, Gaga, admit it: You're just pissed you didn't think of it first.

That will be all.
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