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TWIB II-22: 2/25-3/2  
01:31pm 19/03/2008
Discard Before Using
Midterms. That's my excuse both for falling behind yet again, and for the paltry amount of reading I've been doing of late.

1) Echo - Francesca Lia Block
Reading Francesca Lia Block, I can't decide if the woman is a true literary trailblazer or cynical commercial genius churning out adolescent chick lit camouflaged by an unconventional writing style. I say this as someone who really dug the Weetzie Bat books and has religiously read everything Block has published since.

Echo is a contemporary fairytale concerning one girl's descent into the modern day Hades of club culture, bad friends, fast food and body image issues, dysfunctional relationships, and distant families. Say what you will, Block's style is very much suited to conveying the neon unreality of these settings and situations, and one does feel that it allows Block to get at them in a way other authors with standard narrative styles aren't capable of doing. But one also feels that it's somehow enabling Block to pull a fast one on her readers by making them think she's telling them something they didn't already know before they opened the book.

That will be all.
music: the pillows - sweet baggy days
tags: books, reading
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