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This is my new favorite thing in the world. It's a yogurt drink, flavored to taste like the old-fashioned fountain colas. It rocks. I love Japan. I especially love reading the Japanese bloggers on this - "Cola flavored yogurt drinks? I'm intrigued but it's going to take someone with more courage than to me to try it!" "My husband always remarks on these every time we go to the convenience store together. I imagine it won't be long before he takes the plunge!" "If anyone, anywhere reading this blog has tried one of these, please tell me what it's like. I'm really intrigued, but too scared to try it myself!" "Cola and yogurt? There's a combination that looks like it requires real guts to buy!" "It said 'Cola' in huge letters, but then it also said 'dairy beverage' and 'uncarbonated.' I felt an intense embarassment as I picked on up and took it to the cash register." And following the link backs through this random journal, I discover that all the blogger's friends are writing up entries on this as well.

I have thus resolved to buy one or two of the things every time I'm in the combini, because I like it and don't want it to disappear from the shelves.

I recently recced a bunch of Japanese language novels to someone on ye olde flist, which made me want to go back and reread them. I've started with Ishida Ira's Angel, which I like despite the fact that I'm not a great fan of the mystery novel genre. It's well written overall, but there's little jarring bits that just make me laugh. Case in point: the ghost of the protagonist is off spying on couples in love hotels (I imagine pretty much any man - dead or otherwise - wouldn't hesitate a second to do this, given the opportunity, so no suspension of disbelief needed there.). He's watching a high school couple. The guy comes, and the ghost suddenly sees the beautiful glowing spirit of a new pregnancy alight in the woman's stomach. Which is just a total moment of bwah? for me, because I imagine that more than a nanosecond or two passes between ejaculation and conception.

But then again, I'm from Indiana, where our only sex education is Abstinence Education (I'm worth it! Pet your dog, not your date!), so what do I know, really? My tax dollars went into educating me about how no woman in the history of the world has ever enjoyed sex and that all men are liars who are really out to get me with their penises.

That will be all.

Shenanigans: They Aren't Just For the Japanese Anymore

So, as some of you are aware, I have an Collapse )

So, as some of you are aware, I'm studying Korean. My class uses the 'Navigating Korean' textbook by Kyung Hee University. It comes with Collapse )

As some of you are aware, when studying a foreign language, it helps to have an electronic dictionary. I use the Collapse )

And just to show that we're equal opportunity with the mock here...Collapse )

In other news, I made hash browns Collapse )

That will be all.
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A new week

....means new students for cleaning detail. This means that I can no longer watch mostly-naked teenage boys running around the new students aren't embarassing the school in front of the city 中央。 Damn. Thank heavens.

Today is the 19th, which means that if I am lucky, there will be a new Ichi Raci, with a new Silver Diamond chapter for me to read/translate. However, I will quite likely be most unlucky, and have to wait until the 22nd or 23rd for the new monthly shipments to make their way over to me. So you should all keep your fingers crossed for me.

In other less-than-exciting news, my candy cane omiyage were a big hit. My city is so boondocks that my coworkers had never seen candy canes before - they thought they were supposed to be umbrella handles. Half of them were very concerned about the correct way to eat them - hooked end, or straight end - that they waited until they could ask me. The other half tried to eat them with the wrappers on, and wondered why the things a) didn't get any smaller and b) tasted like plastic. I had to give a brief lecture on correct candy cane consumption in to the entire staff room.

Other points of interest were the many colors and flavors (as in, most people didn't initially realise their candy canes were different from their neighbors), and the versatility of the candy (you can hang it on a Christmas tree, put in in mulled wine, put it in hot chocolate, shelack it and make picture frames... I feel like Martha Stewart now so I'll stop).

My favorite moment had to have been the principal at Komadori running around like a little kid, turning her tongue and mouth blue with the blueberry candy canes and loving every minute of it.

That will be all.

I have been having THE BEST TIME EVER!!

...for the past twenty minutes using my new $10 can opener. Because when one throws down $10 for a can opener, one had best be prepared to have a DAMN GOOD TIME while using it.

Actually, scratch that. I've been using it for the past twenty minutes because it's a total piece of shit with a weaker grip than my dead Granny. If this is my last lj post, it's because I've starved to death while trying to open my dinner since there's only one can of soup left in the house and I don't have enough money to buy other food, thanks to my new $10 can opener. You rock, inflated Japanese pricing system!

The preceeding histrionics have been brought to you by akujunkan. You may now resume your lives.

That will be all.