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The good, the bad, and the LIBRARY.

So Landmom's viewing and funeral were this past weekend. Collapse )

Now. On to the LIBRARY.

Oh, did I not mention? The new library ACROSS THE STREET from where I live just opened today. I planned it that way when I moved but still. Still. Even having counted down the days and hours it is glorious. It is GLORIOUS. Seriously. I can come home from work, change, go to the library, go home for dinner, go back to the library, borrow a movie, take it back home and watch it, and go back to the library. Librarians at three branches in two wards this city already know me by name. The librarians here are going to think I work here.


That will be all.

Dear Life:

Please stop it.

I just realized that I now have 14 days in which to:
Get my two recommenders to submit their LoRs.
Get my scores mailed to my schools.
Get my transcripts mailed to my schools.
Pay all my application fees.
Find a third recommeder for one school.
Stop obsessively tweaking my statements of purpose and just submit them.

So, ack.

In other news, New Year's was lovely. Spent it at home with la famile before heading out to B&J's for some post-midnight discussion and cartoon-watching. Best of all--no hangover!

That will be all.